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Priorities for Organizations Reviewing Their Investment Plan

Although the mission statement of organizations (such as endowments, foundations or not-for-profits) who manage funds for others (beneficiaries), can vary greatly, the need to responsibly manage the investments of the organization is crucial for the ultimate beneficiaries. Below are important priorities members should remember when reviewing their annual investments for their organizations:

Investing Baron Team
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An Important Message from Baron Financial Group

Dear Clients and Friends, We hope you have seen our recent post related to the Stock Market and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are here for you. If you feel it’s time to talk about your personal economy, we have several options available: Phone Calls, Video Conferencing and Emails. With everyone’s safety in mind, we would prefer to delay in-person meetings at this point. If needed, your Baron Team is capable of working remotely and can still be contacted. We can be reached by email at info@baron-financial.com or at 1-866-333-6659 to schedule a meeting via phone call or video conference. Or reach out directly to your team members. Stay healthy and safe!

Baron Team
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BFG at the ballpark: We say “Thank You” to Our Clients and Friends

With spring right around the corner, Baron Financial Group hosted a client-appreciation event at the spring-training home of the Baltimore Orioles. The March 8th game versus the New York Yankees ended in a time game. This is our fifth year hosting a client event at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida. An extra special treat for our guests, and advisors, was a visit from the Oriole Bird!

Philanthropy Baron Team
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The Importance of a “Trusted Contact”

Increasingly, we understand that there can be a need to have an additional person like a trusted family member or friend we can contact to ensure the well-being of a client. As we age, we may start to see that a person’s mindfulness and mental capacity diminishes. For some, early-onset dementia or other illness necessitates having a trusted contact in place at an earlier age.

Baron Team Insights
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Tax-Identity-Theft Awareness

It is always a good time to enhance online security and know what to do if you are a victim of tax fraud. In recognition of “Identity Theft Awareness Week”, held February 3rd – 7th, we thought it was particularly timely to re-post this blog, originally posted Jan 25th, 2018.

Taxes Baron Team
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Tips to avoid Phishing Scams

Because we have personally seen several recent phishing emails claiming to be from Amazon, Chase Bank, Capital One, the IRS, among others, we felt it was important to remind everyone to be aware of fraudulent emails and phone calls asking for personally identifiable information. It is key to remember that you will never receive an email or a phone call, from the IRS or your bank, asking for your social security number or account number. Always assume this is a fraudulent call or email and do not give out any sensitive information.

Baron Team Insights